Acting for Business

Practical Acting Tools for Professional Development


Acting for Business (formerly entitled "Business Acting") is a course to unlock participant’s potential as a communicator by becoming proficient, thorough and masterful in the principles and practical interpretation of the techniques of acting.


Participants discover how to practically apply tools and concepts utilized by professional actors to maximize the potential of all verbal deliveries, thereby achieving:


* A new self-awareness and greater confidence in public communication.


*The expansion and diversification of one's range of personal expression.


*Methods to more effectively shape a public performance and of empowering the student to put his/her best self forward when in contact with an audience.


*A discovery of and re-investment in passion. – whether at the workplace, leading a team through a challenging project or negotiating one- on-one.




This course is divided into 5 Modules:


Part 1 - Physical Communication –


Proximity and environment impact communication


Body awareness through improvisation, yoga & movement




Part 2 – Vocal Performance


Focusing on breathing, releasing tension


Generating volume, articulation




Part 3- Engaging Audiences


A mixture of discussion, improvisation & exercises


Key concepts to defining objectives in deliberate communication


Commanding the space; - Expanding one's personal comfort zone


Achieving the "Audience-Pleasing Form;"






Part 4- Utilizing Theater excerpts


The participants identify their individual challenges and confront those challenges


head-on through the various role-play assignments.




Part 5- Practical Application


Participants apply these newly acquired skills to contemporary presentation texts


relevant to their professional work. The Course / Workshop culminates with a


sharing of each presentation for instructor, feedback and group reflection.




Note: A typical session runs four hours but can be customized according to time and