Our Module Program

Getting it right! Getting into English!-*Business English & more!
Getting it right! Getting into English!-*Business English & more!


Getting into English* allows great flexibility in lesson planning, so that it is possible to work effectively through diverse exercises from a module plan to create a tailor-made course dependent on individual or group needs.


“Before dreaming about the future or marking plans, you need to articulate what you already have going for you – as entrepreneurs do.” —Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder


Module 1: My Job and My Company

Job titles, company structure, culture & strategy


Module 2: Day-to-Day Operations

False friends, key idioms, vocabulary, business grammar


Module 3: Effective Meetings

Meetings and conference calls
Effective emails
English for telephoning
Effective presentations


Module 4: Socializing & Networking

Cultural lifestyles
Socializing with business contacts
Developing business relationships
Small talk topics
Socializing with style


Module 5: Teamwork & Project Management

Forming and motivating teams
Project management
Team-building with style
Crisis & Stress management
Ethical issues
Negotiating agreements
Multicultural teams


Module 6: Presentation Warrior™: Presenting Successfully – and Authentically – in English


Learn to transition more smoothly from your native language into English when you present via

Guided before/after self-observation and self-analysis

360° feedbacks from the group and presentation coach

1-on-1 coaching to improve performance – immediately

Individualized practice tips to sustainably support long-term self-mastery 


*New! Module 7: Storytelling as a Leadership Tool


Increase the impact of important business lessons you share with your team by tapping into the emotions that inspire them

Learn more about the types of business stories that (really) matter – and when best to share them

Practice crafting your own personalized business stories 


Module 8: Facilitating Team Effectiveness via Improved Communication


Learn about the four (4) key communications preferences according to Insights™ Discovery

Achieve a better understanding of your own personal communications preferences

Develop strategies to further improve communication within your team based on your knowledge of the differing communication preferences 

Socializing & Networking


Module 9: Personality Training


Speech & Voice Projection

Tips from a Professional Performer

Body Language

Pronunciation & Verbalizing

Speech & Voice Projection 


*New!  Module 10. Dealing with Stress


●Mindful Leadership Basics

● Cultivating a Leader's Mind with Mindfulness Techniques

●Managing Anxiety, Apathy, Ambivalence and Anger Techniques

● Office fitness Plan

Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga



“The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through”. Sydney J. Harris